TRIX was a co-production between the Orion Theatre and Cirkus Cirkör.
The show was inspired by the meeting of theatre and circus. The performance provides a wonderful mixture of Swedish and International artists, including acrobats, rope-walkers, aerial acrobats, mime artists, a wizard, a juggler, a contortionist and a man who makes the most impossible possible. In solo numbers and ensembles they will tell you their story.

The music was performed live by URGA, a rock, ska, reggae, folk music, dub and punk band!

”Musical circuslife in a visual surrealism…”

”The heart’s circus…funny and fantastic…”

”Circus in worldclass…”

Press quotes about Trix

Anna Ångström,
Svenska Dagbladet

Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

Danjel Anderson,
Dagens Nyheter


Siri Hamari
Wäinö Hamari
Minh-Tam Kaplan
Niklas Lindgren
Karin Kriström
Marie-Andrée Robitaille
Molly Saudek
Andreas Skjönberg
Jan Unestam
Jacob Westin

Creative Team
Director:Lars Rudolfsson;
Set design: artist Lars Kleen;         
Costumes: by Kersti Vitali,
Lighting: by Anders Rosenqvist
Mask designs: by Tuija Valén