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A high flying circus show about helpfulness, trust and the right to be yourself.

We meet three characters who lift, support and spin each other through the jumble of life. At times you can get stuck, but maybe we can untangle each other.


Three artists invite you on a thought-provoking journey through tightwire walking, partner acrobatics, and juggling. Who am I without others and what can we achieve together?

The show is wordless and thus communicates across language barriers to groups from all backgrounds


Show + workshop = a cultural and physical experience.


Laughter, belly butterflies and the feeling of having dared to try something new. Our educational shows can with advantage be combined with circus workshops. The audience gets to meet the artists and try some of the disciplines they've seen on stage. The workshop can be a fun and creative challenge for both body and brain. We work as a group, but always with the individuals' functional diversity in mind.

Cirkus Cirkör has worked with circus training and -education since 1995 and meets 30 000 children and adults in courses, open classes and educational visits at schools every year. 


Irene Ramilli

International Touring

Cirkus Cirkör
+46 76 056 58 74
+39 388 44 71 522

Ensemble on tour 2022

ARTIST Anna Saskia Stickler

ARTIST Ben Collis

ARTIST Elisabeth Künkele

Creative Team

DIRECTOR AND CONCEPT Alexander Weibel Weibel

SET DESIGN Saara Ahola & Aino Ihanainen
COSTUMES Saara Ahola & Aino Ihanainen

Is it possible to knit peace?

With this production, Cirkus Cirkör continues to change the world through contemporary circus by asking the question: Is it possible to actually knit peace? 

About Cirkus Cirkör

Circus Circus started in 1995 and is a politically independent non-profit association with the vision to move internal and external boundaries in art and society with circus art. Tilde Björfors has been an artistic leader since the beginning and has since had her sights set on co-creative art, pedagogy and world-class technical innovation. Cirkus Cirkör's activities include performances and concepts on tour around the world with associated lectures, workshops and events where circus art is translated into everyday life in business, public and non-profit activities. Cirkus Cirkör offers courses and educational programs for everyone, young and old, with or without functional variation and has a three-year high school program with national admission.

Cirkus Cirkör, together with its director Tilde Björfors, represent an innovative form of theatre that knows how to blend humour and circus elements, not forgetting the contact with the audience and attention to social topics.

In 2018 Cirkus Cirkör and Tilde Björfors awarded with XV Europe PrizeTheatrical Realities in, Premio Europa per il Teatro

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