Supercirkör (Super Cirkör)  was the  name of a 1998 performance under Stockholm’s Western Bridge that featured film projected onto an immense canvas.

The performance was directed by filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund. Cirkus Cirkör almost went bankrupt, but it was  a huge audience success.

"Behind dim curtains, laser lights and petrol scents world class artists appear"

"It goes without saying that I want to know what it looks like to swallow a fluorescent lamp while a person get knocked out by a motorcycle and a guy on roller blades keeps the audience in check with a flare gun."

"Breathtakingly insane" 

Press quotes about Supercirkör

Danjel Andersson
Dagens Nyheter

Ovvio Polite,

Christina Lundberg
Skånska Dagbladet


Circus artists
Henrik Agger
Jens Norén
Marie Andrée Robitaille
Jacob Westin
Jan Unestam
Andreas Skjönberg
Kalle Granberg
Samuel Gustavsson
Lynx Jacobssont
ida Leijon
Ronnie Nilsson
Björn Olsson
Niclas Stureberg
Caspar Sylwan
Emma Harper
Vindil Talso
Annette Leon
Dave Nerge

Creative Team
Tilde Björfors – Circus Director
Jonas Åkerlund – Director
Ossi Niskala – Choreography
Mathias Lindrgen – Set Design
Pontus Djanaieff – Costume Design