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Folkoperan and Circus Cirkör presents a spectacular mixture of opera and circus in the opera Satyagraha by Philip Glass. It is an opera about the young Mahatma Gandhi's time in South Africa. It was during that time he discovered Satyagraha, holding onto truth, what would be the beginning of what we call civil resistance. Gandhi became one of the most well known people in the non-violence movement

In a unique take on Philip Glass opera Satyagraha, Cirkus Cirkör meet Folkoperan in a collaboration between two very different art forms - opera and contemporary circus.  The story follows the life of the young Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa, where he encounters Satyagraha, which means “insistence on truth” and is a form of nonviolent resistance. Satyagraha was written by the composer Philip Glass in 1979 and has never been performed on a Swedish opera stage before.

”… an altogether serious and
gorgeous production.”

“Powerful circus woven around Gandhi ”

"Thrilling take on Glass’s celebration of passive resistance will have you spinning cartwheels."

Press quotes about Satyagraha

Camilla Lundberg,
Dagens Nyheter

Bo Löfvendahl,
Svenska Dagbladet

Clive Paget,
Limelight Magazine


Aino Ihanainen,
Alexander Weibel Weibel,
Magnus Björu,
Sarah Lett/Nathalie Bertholio,
Oscar Karlsson.

Opera singers
Leif Aruhn-Solén/Thomas Volle
Lisa Carlioth/Sibylle Glostedt
Hanna Fritzon/Paulina Pfeiffer
Els Mondelaers/Karolina Blixt
Anton Eriksson/Lars Johansson Brissman
Johan Schinkler/Lars Arvidson.

Choir: Calle Lindén, Carl Walin, Elin Skorup, John Kinell, Margaretha Westerlind, Maria Sanner, Michael Axelsson, Sofia Niklasson

Music: Philip Glass
Libretto: Constance De Jong efter Bhagavad-Gita
Orchestral arrangements: Anders Högstedt
Director: Tilde Björfors
Scenography & costume: Dan Potra
Video scenography/projections: Per Rydnert / Johannes Ferm Winkler / Visual Relief
Knitted scenography: Aino Ihanainen
Lighting design: Patrik Bogårdh
Mask: Therésia Frisk
Dramaturge: Magnus Lindman


Satyagraha An opera in three acts by Philip Glass
Music by Philip Glass

Lyrics: Constance de Jong (adapted from ”Bhagavad Gita)
Libretto by Philip Glass and Constance de Jong
©1980 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc.

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