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Using the physical language and magic of the circus, this production explores our shared humanity, crossing boundaries, migration and the reception of refugees. Movements, specifically conceived for Hipp’s unique stage, is the final part of the trilogy that began with Borders’ success in Malmö in 2015 and continued with Limits' widely-acclaimed tour in 2016.  

Movements departs from the parallel stories of displaced people who arrived in Malmö in the fall of 2015 and of the volunteers who greeted them. It is also the tale of how taking pause can sometimes puncture a commitment to humanity and solidarity, creating a void where fear, distrust and divisiveness find space to grow. These stories are expressed through individual voices and choruses, as well as through the physical language and magic of the circus.

Movements was directed by Tilde Björfors with music created by composer Irya Gmeyner, who alsowas presented on stage. The ensemble consisted of circus artists, actors and dancers with Afghan, Austrian, Czech, English, Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Swedish, Syrian and Turkish origins.

Movements was a coproduction of Cirkus Cirkör and Malmö Stadsteater

"Circus as a counter-force. Artistry that warms and awakens the audience"

"The testimonies of the refugees comes alive in physical poetry"

"A hopeful journey towards a better world"

Press quotes about Movements

Rikard Loman,

Theresa Benér,

Kristina Nilsson, Skånska Dagbladet


Tom Ahlsell
Helen Al-Janabi
Nedal Alsuoaf
David Eriksson
Irya Gmeyner
Javid Heidari
Oldoz Javidi
Nasreen Larsson Al-Janabi
Karin Lithman
Ibraheem Manaem
Ashtar Muallem
Johannes Wanselow
Fadi Zmorrod

Creative Team
Director: Tilde Björfors
Conception: Tilde Björfors, Creative team and the ensemble
Text Alexandra Loonin
Composer Irya Gmeyner
Co-composer Povel Olsson
Set design Fridjon Rafnsson and Fanny Senocq
Costume design Fridjon Rafnsson
Lighting design Sven-Erik Andersson
Make-up design Agneta von Gegerfelt
Technical coordination and constructions:  Joel Jedström
Technica coordinator and fire expert: Jesper Nikolajeff
Dramatic advisor: Anna Kölén

Movements’ ensemble has worked across boundaries as co-creators of the production. Circus routines and know-how have been woven together with personal stories and experiences.  

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