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A work of art created by everyone involved on and behind the stage.
Directed by Tilde Björfors.

Is it possible to knit peace?

El Pais

A work of art created by everyone involved on and behind the stage.
Directed by Tilde Björfors.  Music by Samuel "Looptok" Långbacka.

Physical skill in combination with beautiful poetry creates fantastic art.

El pais

Is it possible to knit peace?

With this production, Cirkus Cirkör continues to change the world through contemporary circus by asking the question: Is it possible to actually knit peace? 


In Knitting Peace, Cirkus Cirkör explores the possibilities of peace, and how a deep focus on collective acts can manifest a reality of peace in the world. It is easy to give up when confronted with one's own insignificance in comparison to the world's greatness and complexity. Nevertheless, each movement begins with the individual. In this show, we explore the meaning of our aspiration and we’ll find out if it’s possible to knit peace.

Knitting Peace is the name of Cirkus Cirkör’s show, which opened in Marseille in January 2013  and has been touring in 3 continents, 14 countries and 63 Cities between  2013-2022. The revival kicked off in Borås Stadsteater in 2022.


Recommended from 10 years of age. The performance is 2 hours including intermission. 

Ensemble on tour: 11 people


Knitting Peace is available for touring in 2023–2024.


Irene Ramilli

International Touring
Cirkus Cirkör
+46 76 056 58 74

+39 388 44 71 522

Minimal Technical Needs

Stage area: 9 x 11 mt
Stage width (min): 12 mt
Stage depth (min): 12 mt 
Ceiling height (min): 7 mt

Electricity: 1 x 63 A + 1 x 16 A
Blackout: Claim obscured
Set up time/Strike time (hours): Ca 8 / 4 hrs
Stagehands: 6

“The ensemble with director Tilde Björfors has created a timeless show that could be considered an advertisement for contemporary circus”

We Knit For Peace

“It is a visually attractive, poetically fragile work intertwined with virtuoso acrobatics.”

"The suggestive scenography was woven into a playful world full of nets, balls, yarn and macrame, which the artists created and destroyed, in knitting, they sought peace and found self-created prisons.

Ensemble on tour 2023

ARTIST Joana Martinho/ Aino Ihanainen – Handstand, live knitting
ARTIST Nathalie Bertholio / Sarah Lett – Floor acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, roue cyr
ARTIST Mikael Kristiansen / Antonio Panaro – Handstand, acrobatics
ARTIST Tiziana Prota / Joana Dias – Aerial acrobatics, singing
ARTIST Alexander Weibel Weibel –  Slack rope, equilibrist, violin  
LIVE MUSIC Samuel ”Looptok” Långbacka – Knitted live music

RIGGER / TECHNICIAN Ariellah Winther

TOUR MANAGER / STAGE MANAGER Vilhelm Montan Lindberg

Creative Team

COMPOSER AND SOUND DESIGN Samuel “Looptok” Långbacka



SET DESIGN Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Stefan "Drake" Karlström,
Joel Jedström and the ensemble


For more information about the creative and production team click here

Call to Knit

What started as the world tour of a circus production has evolved into an international peace movement. Since 2013, both local and international “Calls to Knit” have filled theater foyers and exhibition spaces with knitted pieces and reflections on peace. Urban knitters have yarn bombed public spaces while craftivism unites and weaves together places such as New York, Buenos Aires and Borås.These calls to knit are ongoing processes of co-creation, and several initiatives begun in connection with Knitting Peace now live on as independent projects. 



This artwork in the form of a world map made with wool from Trelew (a city in Patagonia, Argentina) was created by the artist Jesús Huarte for “Knit for Peace” action in Borås. The work’s title combines the words “holos” (all/everybody) and “topos” (place). The idea is to knit a worldthat includes everyone– a place to live and moveabout in, without conflict,where roots can grow deepand wide, all over. 

For inspiration and interaction, visit We Knit For Peace Facebook Group, that started in Borås 2013.

About Cirkus Cirkör

Circus Circus started in 1995 and is a politically independent non-profit association with the vision to move internal and external boundaries in art and society with circus art. Tilde Björfors has been an artistic leader since the beginning and has since had her sights set on co-creative art, pedagogy and world-class technical innovation. Cirkus Cirkör's activities include performances and concepts on tour around the world with associated lectures, workshops and events where circus art is translated into everyday life in business, public and non-profit activities. Cirkus Cirkör offers courses and educational programs for everyone, young and old, with or without functional variation and has a three-year high school program with national admission.

Cirkus Cirkör, together with its director Tilde Björfors, represent an innovative form of theatre that knows how to blend humour and circus elements, not forgetting the contact with the audience and attention to social topics.

In 2018 Cirkus Cirkör and Tilde Björfors awarded with XV Europe PrizeTheatrical Realities in, Premio Europa per il Teatro

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