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Inside Out

Inside out is a circus show cherishing the circus arts and it’s technical skills, magic, love, warmth and way to look upon life. A performance nourished by a circus heart, groovy live music and Cirkus Cirkör’s characteristic energy and humour.

In Inside out we get to know three persons who each are stuck in their own definition of security and success.

One who is terrified of failure, one locked in the laws of logic and a third fighting to be hard as a rock. Their worlds are turned up side down when meeting a circus company of ugly, monstrous, odd but also magical, funny, warm and elegant characters and a tremendous journey starts.

A fringe second part in a triology about the human body in which we continue to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of the human body and soul.  The first part, 99 % unknown that opened in 2004, toured around the world and took the audience on a joyride through cells and neurons inside the body. In Inside out we step out of the body. We let the circus artists physical abilities balance on knife edges and challenging the limits of gravity  inspire us to look at our bodies and to meet the world in another way.

“…one true heart-pounding moment is when a woman climbs a pole… drops, plummeting almost to her death at an incomprehensible speed. No matter how many times you’ve seen that performed, your jaw still drops”

".. lovely to look at, combining the romance of the spit-and-sawdust circus with a touch of the freak show, and something more contemporary."

“…a magical breathtaking performance…a powerful inter-disciplinary work of art…”

Press quotes about Inside Out

Jason Zinoman,
Financial Times

Lyn Gardner,
The Guardian

Gunilla Wedding,
Skånska Dagbladet


Anna Lagerkvist  
André Farstad/ Andreas Falk
Jens Engman
Jay Gilligan
Mirja Jauhiainen  
Sanna Kopra  
Angela Wand/ Siri Hamari
Fefe Deijfen  

Live Musicians / Irya’s Playground
Song Irya Gmeyner
Bass Pange Öberg
Percussion Erik Nilsson
Keyboard Ludvig Rylander
Guitar Jon Bergström/David Calgaro  


Creative Team
Concept and direction Tilde Björfors  
Music and lyrics Irya Gmeyner and Pange Öberg
Set design and costume design Sigyn Stenqvist  
Abstract costume sculptural construction Lina B. Frank  
Circus cript and dramaturgy Mia Winge  
Choreography Dag Andersson  
Circus construction Ulf Poly Nylin  
Lighting design Jenny Larsson  
Circus choreography Christian Vilppola  
Mask Helena Andersson  
Projections Magnus Fyrhake  
Director of magic Thorsten Andreassen  


Master carpenter Johan Åberg
Circus rigger Aron Holmberg
Theatre technician Patrik Martinsson
Sound technician Felicia Hamberg  
Assistant director Hanna Reinius Larsson Assistant set designer and costume assistant Evelina Hedin  
Props Cecilia Helmersson Bergman
Dressmakers Emelie Weiholm and Helena Hertov  
Set design support / Painting Jan Carlberg
Construction technician Jonny Lindblom
Tour manager Christian ”Vippen” Vilppol
Technical producer Stefan “Drake” Karlström

Tour / producer Tove Asplind  
Tour / sales Linda Beijer

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