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Havfruen/The Mermaid is based on one of H.C. Andersen’s best loved and most enchanting fairytales – The Little Mermaid. For this trail-blazing performance, co-produced by Cirkus Cirkör and the Danish theatre-company Kaleidoskop, “the little” has been removed from the title, leaving us simply with The Mermaid.


The Mermaid, Cirkus Cirkör and Kaleidoskop style, is a story of undiluted magic and raw emotion. Gone is the usual saccharine idealisation. What’s left is Andersen’s poetic, unsettling and infinitely beautiful account of the mermaid’s longing for the prince’s love and an immortal soul – a tale of elements that can never be united.

Cirkus Cirkör and Danish Theatre Company Kaleidoskop have joined forces to create a show about the mermaid and her great love. Top circus performers, dancers and actors captivate the audience with a sensory feast of drama and contemporary circus art at the highest level.

The set is designed to, in a surreal and breathtaking fashion, bring the audience up from the mysterious deep sea to the streets of today’s Copenhagen.

"... A poetic, acrobatic  performance, a longing between earth and sea, a visually magical piece of theatre…"

"an overwhelmingly strong, original and visually intense theatre experience… The result is an intensely visual play, which to a rare extent manages to convey strong passions into powerful physical expressions."

“… A wonderfully unspoilt ensemble, which brings its audience more than a fleeting moment of happiness...A night of superlatives…”

Press quotes about Havfruen

Stuttgarter Zeitung

Jyllands Posten

Stuttgarter Nachrichten


Melinda Kinnamann/Sandra Medina
Siri Hamari
Dag Andersson
Andreas Skjönberg
Methinée Wongtrakoon
Olle Strandberg
Andreas Falk
Manu Tiger
Anna Lagerkvist
Ingela Hinas
Jenny Haglund
Sara Haglund


Creative Team
The Mermaid was a co-operation between the director Katrine Wiedeman and Cirkus Cirkör’s artistic director Tilde Björfors.

Set designed: Martin Tulinius.
Costume design: Mia Stensgaard.
Dramaturge: Nicole Langkilde
Choreographer: Molly Saudek
Lighting designer: Mikael Sylvest
Sound: Mogens Laursen
Sound consultant: Mads Ljungdahl.
DJ: Stephan Bomberg

The performance was a co-production between Kaleidoskop and Cirkus Cirkör and was developed as part of the festivities for the 200th birthday of H.C. Andersen in 2005.

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