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God’s disobedient rib

In the book God’s disobedient rib we follow Gunilla Thorgren as she reads the Bible through a feminist perspective.
The book is an absurd, humours and horrifying exploration through millennia of misogyny and oppression - and of persistent resistance. It’s a journey through the history of ideas from antiquity to Martin Luther in which we get a feminist historical interpretation.

We will follow in the search for the roles and voices of the women who was eliminated from the history books. How many of the issues that we are struggling with today originate in the Bible?

A large ensemble of circus artists and actors portrays the drama through words, acrobatics and music. They challenge the law of gravity, and physical as well as mental boundaries in true Circus Cirkör spirit.

God’s disobedient rib is a co-production with Cirkus Cirkör, Dramaten and Malmö Stadsteater.


"Circus attack the
church view of women"

"Dazzling effects and heavenly rope tricks"

#We get to see dramatic, acrobatic rape scenes, the condemnation of women's sexuality symbolically depicted on a Chinese pole, and beautiful acts that lift significant, historical women's figures.#

Press quotes about God's disobedient rib

Sarah Granath

Kristina Lindquist,

Cecilia Djurberg, Aftonbladet


Karoline Aamås
Sven Boräng
Ellen Jelinek
Michael Jonsson
Hamadi Khemiri
Elin Klinga
Anna Lagerkvist
Cecilia Lindqvist
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez
Marilén Ribot
Methinee Wongtrakoon


Creative team
Directed by: Tilde Björfors
Adaptation: Lærke Reddersen
Playwright: Martina Montelius
Music by: Samuel "LoopTok" Långbacka
Set design: Fridjon Rafnsson
Costume: Anna Heymowska
Lights: Patrik Angestav
Mask: Lena Strandmark
Directors support: Maria Löfgren

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