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Seven women circus artists highlight and honor the courage and values necessary to bring about change.  Epifónima, which means ”exclamation” in Greek, is a natural extension of Tilde Björfors’ productions Borders, Limits and Movements, all centered around the themes of boundaries, limitations and migration.

The production’s music was composed by Rebekka Karijord, who previously wrote the music for Cirkus Cirkör’s Wear it like a crown. The composition will primarily build on rhythms and women’s voices that Rebekka has gathered from the four corners of the earth and that will be blended with the ensemble’s own voices.

Directors note

Less than 100 years have passed since women in Sweden were given the right to vote. Indeed, in our ensemble, there are women who still do not have voting rights in their homelands. Thanks to centuries of struggle, it is now possible for us to bring to life this production with an essentially all-female creative team, and it is our great pleasure to share it with you in this theater tonight.

In my and Cirkör’s work with risks/ possibilities, boundary crossing and migration, it has become clear to me how often women are responsible for carrying things forward long-term. Out of this realization grew our desire to create a show inspired by the ways in which women have succeeded in driving and building societal functions. Throughout history, from the Beguine movement via Hildegard of Bingen to Sweden’s feminist Group 8 (founded in 1968), there is a common theme, a shared view of leadership as a central organizing principle rather than the patriarchal pyramid.

When MeToo erupted like a volcano of bottled up anger, it became even more evident how much baggage both the body of society as well as our individual bodies had been lugging around. This intensified our work. We want change. NOW! Thus, while we were busy creating this production, we were equally occupied with HOW we were making it happen. Could we break apart built-in hierarchies and structures? For us, the work process had become as important as the show itself.

I had two lists that I checked every night*. More or less every day I found that I had both failed and succeeded in my scrutiny, but if we are to rise to the challenges  facing our times, we must own that the methods we have used thus far have not worked. It is high timefor us to lift up those values that currently command a low status, both in our wallets, society and politics.


Every privilege and opportunity that I have today was made possible by those who came before me. Not long ago, women were not allowed to vote and other women, from the wrong social class, were prohibited from wearing coats with silk linings. Not a single change would have been possible without struggle. Welcome!

Tilde Björfors

*You can find these lists at


“… the gentle and enveloping feeling that encompasses all of us is difficult to resist and is anything but a separatist experience in this circular circus creation with a big beating heart.”

“.. a pulsating communal rhythm is found, and all in all there are many beautiful moments, enveloped by Rebekka Karijord's music, which makes one’s heart swell.

"It's creative, beautiful, often unexpected. The acts seamlessly slide into each other.A collective masterpiece of art "

Press quotes about Epifónima

Ylva Lagrcrantz Spindler, SVD

Maina Arvas,

Ann-Charlotte Sandelin, NT


Lisa Angberg Artist
Eirini Apostolatou Artist & text
Joakim Björklund Sound technician & stage manager
Kajsa Bohlin Artist & text
Liv Karlsson Technician & props
Sarah Lett Artist
Vilhelm Montán Lindberg Technician, lights
Ashtar Muallem Artist
Lucie N’Duhirahe Artist
Irene Ramilli Assistant Director & Tour manager
Ruzhin Babaei Technician, rigging
Karolina Wojtowicz Artist & text

Creative team
Jonna Bergelin Costume Designer
Tilde Björfors Director
Marta Forsberg Sound Designer
Susanna Hedin Lighting Designer, Lumination of Sweden
Rebekka Karijord Composer
Anna Lagerkvist Pole- and clown coaching
Kajsa Lindgren Sound Designer
Linda Sandberg Make-up design
Fanny Senocq Set Designer & props
Nandi Vileika Vocal coach
Methinee Wongtrakoon Choreographer

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