You’re invited to a world of flowers, classical music and jaw dropping circus. An international cast of five multi talented artists sets out to change the world through joy, risk assessment and facing fears.

As the artists fly through the air on teeterboard, swing in trapezes and ropes, lift each other, do pair acrobatics and mouth hang, they embody the soul of circus: That you don’t have to give in to normalcy, different is good, you should be as unique as you feel.
Let yourself bloom.

Bloom has an all international ensemble with artist from Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and Costa Rica with two directors from France and Finland (Julien Auger and Sade Kamppila from Circus I Love You.)

"it’s all so beautifully intertwined, so naturally cohesive that anything in this life other than somersaults up high seems inconceivable."

Press quotes about Bloom

"a charming show with young artists that appear to marvel at their own feats as much as the audience does. "

"The interaction and joy of appearing gives the sense of community and strong life energy. It is high-level artistry. "

Anna Ångström

Lars H Jonzon

Margareta Sörenson


Ben Collis
Elisabeth Künkele
Felix Greif
Philomène Perrenoud
Sofia Mendez.

Cretive team
Carlos Ferrer Light design

Julien Auger Director, concept, set design and sound design

Sade Kamppila Director, concept, set design, and costume design


In Bloom the ensemble are co-creators together with the creative team. The performance is an all-embracing piece of art created by everyone involved.